London attack

Terrorism could arguably be seen as one of the most talked about crimes within 21st century. Nowadays it continues to hit, causing chaos and fear in the society. The most recent attack was on the 22 of march Palace of Westminster in London when the assailant, Khalid Masood, drove a car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge killing three people, two civilians at the location of the scene and one police officer at the hospital due to a serious injury caused from a stab. Althout the aggressor was shot and killed from a policeman, the entire city was in chaos.

The event brought a lot of panic and confusion, so the government decided to the double the amount of police in London and increase police in the rest of the UK. I felt sad from the event and in pain for those families who lost their loved ones. Isis is always been a problem since the Us army invaded Iraq in 2003. I believe that their anger is provoked from the bombardments that the USA and some of the European army made in their lands. Moreover, their believes of killing people in the name of Allah and murder anyone who is not converted in their religion brought chaos all over the world.

Although I strongly disagree with such madness, I consider wrong bombarding their lands and so killing innocence people. I think that governments should find a better method to stop this war immediately!, as democracy cannot be achieved by dropping bombs.



Group Presentation semester 2

This semester was once again very challenging! Differently from last semester, we have been asked to present to assignments, the SimVenture challenge presentation and the group presentation for the scenario planning of one of the company given from the seminar leader. The positive side of this assignment is that we had the chance to choose our group, the negative of the task was that the seminar leader decided the company for each group and therefore everyone was hoping to get a well known business, such as McDonalds or Pepsico.

My group and I had to present a scenario planning for the British pharmaceutical multinational Glaxosmithkline. After class, we share our contacts and made a group chat so we could see each other during the week and assign different task for each of us. This was essential as we could share ideas and make the research faster and more accurate. I found my task quite challenging not only because I was a bit unsure of the meaning and used of the scenario cross but also confused on which critical uncertainties to include. After a couple of weeks of researching, we had enough resources and evidences. It was the time for us to make the slides and write our scripts.

It was extremely hard to be calmed due to the fact that the day presentation was imminent and that I always been self conscious of my performance when giving presentation. Moreover, we were only allowed to speak for a maximum of 10 minutes, so timing our script was truly challenging. For this reason rehearsal was vital! practising was the only things that would have make me feeling better. At the end of the presentation I was very pleased with myself and with my group. We had a great experience and we certainly learned how to work as a team.

SimVenture Challenge

The SimVenture game was definitely a challenge for everyone in my seminar! When our seminar leader told us about the SimVenture business simulations an strategy game I was a little bit confused. After he explained what it was and the purpose of the assignment, he divided us in groups of 2. My partner and I had to present our results to the class without having any notes to read to. This has been quite challenging for me, for example I always found it hard speaking in public and been afraid of making mistakes, as english is not my first language. We met in the library to give it a go and since the begging it was quite hard to understand what we were supposed to do. After running many months in the game, we figured out that in order to increase our sales and lower our employees stress level we should have changed the marketing strategy, recruit qualified staff members and slightly reduce our employees wages. After done all of this, we were finally able to increase our income month by month. The SimVenture game helped me to get a better understanding of what a company has to deal with as well as finding ways to resolve financial crisis inside and outside a business. Although the presentation was short we have been able to present it and explained what it went wrong and provide solutions. This game has been extremely beneficial for me, as it helped me improving my confidence and presentation skill. I would recommend this game to all students taking business as a degree.

Learning experiences in semester 1


The second semester of the year has started, exams and final grades are on their way! By looking back at my first semester at Brooke’s university, there are many things I would have hoped to have went better, however, I would not change anything or behave differently, as otherwise I would not be able to deal with any potential hurdles in this new semester. For example, I hoped of getting better grades for some of my modules last semester, but now I’m more committed to do work and manage my time better. Although some of my grades weren’t very good, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people and mix with other cultures. There are many things I would advice for new starters. Firstly, I would recommend new students to hangout and have fun, but to not go out very often, as this will limit the amount of money you could have spent on something more essential i.e. groceries  and shopping. Secondly, do not make the same mistake as I did not studying since day one! Although it can sound a bit too strict, I guarantee you that if you get in a routine where you just spend time with your group and hanging out, you will feel very uncomfortable in meeting deadlines on time and submit your assignments. Group chat for study revision could also help you to not only be more motivated and determined on your studies, but will also allow you to make more friends. If you are an international student, I would also advice to participate in at least one society. This will allow you not only to make more friends but to mix with other cultures and experience something new. For example, In the business society, I have been able to attend interesting meetings about business ideas and money generation. Finally, I suggest to new starters to join a sports team, as this will allow you to feel more part of Brooke’s university and develop skills such as leadership and communication. If you feel like you are managing your time well and end up feeling bored because of too much free time, Don’t forget to try get a job! It’s a good way of managing finances putting you on your way of being independent adult. This advice will definitely improve your CV and make you more employable. Good luck!

Trump and women’s rights

Donald Trump is now president! 43 presidents have passed and Trump has got to be the most right wing, controversial president-elect that has been. The USA community will face many changes and one of the most significant and seemingly worrying is that of women rights. One of trump’s main idea is to ban abortion. The ban against Abortion has frequently been argued and strongly condemn by women. Although trump hasn’t directly said that he is opposed to the improvement of rights given to women in the USA, his tendency to make statements which can be interpreted as sexist suggest that his view on women coincides with previous generations, and he doesn’t wish to progress further the rights woman have in the USA. Trumps controversial support of the banning of abortion in the USA is one of the strongest examples that demonstrate Trump’s sexist drives. One of Trump’s most famous quotes was: Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president? I mean, she’s a woman, and I’m not s’posedta say bad things, but really, folks, come on. Are we serious?” — (September 2015, to Rolling Stone magazine about his then Republican primary rival Carly Fiorina.)           Does this suggests that new president of the United states of America is fundamentally sexist or was just propaganda for the election?


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Immigration is a rising concern in the 21st century. In the year ending March 2016, immigration statistics show that there were 268,000 immigrants in the EU, 82,000 of that number were in Britain. There are different opinions about these figures. Many people are concerned about immigration, as they think that it may increase the amount of criminal activity in the areas which the immigrants move into. There is a strong belief that immigration can increase the likelihood of drug trafficking, prostitution, violence and racism. Moreover, immigrants will often be exploited for their cheap labor, and therefore the host country will face a rise in employment rate with their citizens. This could create conflict between immigrants and the local society. However, moving to a different country with different culture and norms can be quite daunting. They will have to overcome many issues, such as loneliness, language barrier and earn enough to live in the host country. Immigrants, when made to feel welcome in the host society, can contribute to the diversity of that society, which can help with tolerance and understanding. Furthermore, for the host country’s economy, immigrants offer an increased talent pool, if they have been well educated in their original country. (Shah, 2008)


Immigration — global issues (2008) Available at: (Accessed: 20 November 2016).




There were many reasons for controversy and confusion over the EU Brexit vote, when deciding whether to leave or to remain. The main reason for the confusion over the vote was the misleading propaganda over immigration. There was also further evasive information given by the political party with regard to leaving the EU, as there was much dispute over the issue of the NHS. Many people voted to leave the EU due to the potential benefits that were promised to the NHS, however it is now evident that the government had never specified where the money saved from spending’s on the EU would be used.  Due to the recent enactment of Article 50 the current Prime Minister can overrule the decisions made by the House of Lords on any current issues on Brexit. However, this judgment is being disputed and taken to the Supreme Court of justice this December. If the appeal is lost then the government would have to create a form of new law, which would then be handed over to the House of Lords, who have the power to decide if the new legislation would be appropriate for the current changing times.



The aftermath of the Brexit vote – the verdict from a derided expert

My old school

The passage from school to uni was very frightening but astounding at the same time. The last year of sixth form has been very helpful as it allowed me to get in contact with universities and sort my UCAS out. However, I don’t think that anything can help you that much. Determination and commitment are the only two things I think helped me being a more optimistic person towards my future years.

In my previous school I would normally get up at 6:30 and put uniform on. I would then eat cereals for breakfast at 7:15 and walk to my classroom at 8:00. Compare with the University I had more classes and less free time, for example I would have to participate to afternoon activities or play sport. After sport I would have lunch at 6pm and homework time from 19:30 to 21:00. Bed time was at 22:00 so I had only an hour free. I though that moving at university would have required self-independence and time managing, but not to such extent! At my previous school I was getting a lot of support from my teachers and we also had this thing called “learning support” where students with learning difficulties could get extra lessons with qualified teachers.

Now that I am an undergraduate student in University I can feel is so much different and complicated than I though! Although it has been hard, i would recommend this experience to everyone. I assume that is hard to adapt to this environment but is worth it, as it allows you to mature and become an adult.