London attack

Terrorism could arguably be seen as one of the most talked about crimes within 21st century. Nowadays it continues to hit, causing chaos and fear in the society. The most recent attack was on the 22 of march Palace of Westminster in London when the assailant, Khalid Masood, drove a car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge killing three people, two civilians at the location of the scene and one police officer at the hospital due to a serious injury caused from a stab. Althout the aggressor was shot and killed from a policeman, the entire city was in chaos.

The event brought a lot of panic and confusion, so the government decided to the double the amount of police in London and increase police in the rest of the UK. I felt sad from the event and in pain for those families who lost their loved ones. Isis is always been a problem since the Us army invaded Iraq in 2003. I believe that their anger is provoked from the bombardments that the USA and some of the European army made in their lands. Moreover, their believes of killing people in the name of Allah and murder anyone who is not converted in their religion brought chaos all over the world.

Although I strongly disagree with such madness, I consider wrong bombarding their lands and so killing innocence people. I think that governments should find a better method to stop this war immediately!, as democracy cannot be achieved by dropping bombs.



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