Group Presentation semester 2

This semester was once again very challenging! Differently from last semester, we have been asked to present to assignments, the SimVenture challenge presentation and the group presentation for the scenario planning of one of the company given from the seminar leader. The positive side of this assignment is that we had the chance to choose our group, the negative of the task was that the seminar leader decided the company for each group and therefore everyone was hoping to get a well known business, such as McDonalds or Pepsico.

My group and I had to present a scenario planning for the British pharmaceutical multinational Glaxosmithkline. After class, we share our contacts and made a group chat so we could see each other during the week and assign different task for each of us. This was essential as we could share ideas and make the research faster and more accurate. I found my task quite challenging not only because I was a bit unsure of the meaning and used of the scenario cross but also confused on which critical uncertainties to include. After a couple of weeks of researching, we had enough resources and evidences. It was the time for us to make the slides and write our scripts.

It was extremely hard to be calmed due to the fact that the day presentation was imminent and that I always been self conscious of my performance when giving presentation. Moreover, we were only allowed to speak for a maximum of 10 minutes, so timing our script was truly challenging. For this reason rehearsal was vital! practising was the only things that would have make me feeling better. At the end of the presentation I was very pleased with myself and with my group. We had a great experience and we certainly learned how to work as a team.


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