SimVenture Challenge

The SimVenture game was definitely a challenge for everyone in my seminar! When our seminar leader told us about the SimVenture business simulations an strategy game I was a little bit confused. After he explained what it was and the purpose of the assignment, he divided us in groups of 2. My partner and I had to present our results to the class without having any notes to read to. This has been quite challenging for me, for example I always found it hard speaking in public and been afraid of making mistakes, as english is not my first language. We met in the library to give it a go and since the begging it was quite hard to understand what we were supposed to do. After running many months in the game, we figured out that in order to increase our sales and lower our employees stress level we should have changed the marketing strategy, recruit qualified staff members and slightly reduce our employees wages. After done all of this, we were finally able to increase our income month by month. The SimVenture game helped me to get a better understanding of what a company has to deal with as well as finding ways to resolve financial crisis inside and outside a business. Although the presentation was short we have been able to present it and explained what it went wrong and provide solutions. This game has been extremely beneficial for me, as it helped me improving my confidence and presentation skill. I would recommend this game to all students taking business as a degree.


One thought on “SimVenture Challenge

  1. Presenting to a group is always difficult, and I know you feel insecure of what people will think of you because of English not being your first language, but I could recommend you to just to learn how to be more confident, but this is easier said than done. I also do not prefer to speak in public, but it is better for us to learn how to present now, in the first year, than finding it difficult where presenting to someone will be vital for us, for example we may need to present in order to achieve a work placement within the third year. We need to be confident that we have good knowledge, that we know what we are talking about and to engage with the audience, so they can understand what we are trying to portray.

    I hope everything works out for you.


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