Learning experiences in semester 1


The second semester of the year has started, exams and final grades are on their way! By looking back at my first semester at Brooke’s university, there are many things I would have hoped to have went better, however, I would not change anything or behave differently, as otherwise I would not be able to deal with any potential hurdles in this new semester. For example, I hoped of getting better grades for some of my modules last semester, but now I’m more committed to do work and manage my time better. Although some of my grades weren’t very good, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people and mix with other cultures. There are many things I would advice for new starters. Firstly, I would recommend new students to hangout and have fun, but to not go out very often, as this will limit the amount of money you could have spent on something more essential i.e. groceries  and shopping. Secondly, do not make the same mistake as I did not studying since day one! Although it can sound a bit too strict, I guarantee you that if you get in a routine where you just spend time with your group and hanging out, you will feel very uncomfortable in meeting deadlines on time and submit your assignments. Group chat for study revision could also help you to not only be more motivated and determined on your studies, but will also allow you to make more friends. If you are an international student, I would also advice to participate in at least one society. This will allow you not only to make more friends but to mix with other cultures and experience something new. For example, In the business society, I have been able to attend interesting meetings about business ideas and money generation. Finally, I suggest to new starters to join a sports team, as this will allow you to feel more part of Brooke’s university and develop skills such as leadership and communication. If you feel like you are managing your time well and end up feeling bored because of too much free time, Don’t forget to try get a job! It’s a good way of managing finances putting you on your way of being independent adult. This advice will definitely improve your CV and make you more employable. Good luck!


One thought on “Learning experiences in semester 1

  1. Good Advice. I agree with you, you should always get into a routine in doing the weekly readings as you go along, or as soon as you receive the readings. It is also beneficial to use the third hour to catch up on your readings and information you have missed too.
    This semester has been interesting as we have had the chance to meet new people from different cultures, and learning how to interact with people who’s English is not their first language is an intriguing task, but you do meet people who can help you if you need any advice.
    I am glad that you have learnt something from your first semester at Oxford Brookes, and I wish you the best of luck for the rest of Semester.


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