Immigration is a rising concern in the 21st century. In the year ending March 2016, immigration statistics show that there were 268,000 immigrants in the EU, 82,000 of that number were in Britain. There are different opinions about these figures. Many people are concerned about immigration, as they think that it may increase the amount of criminal activity in the areas which the immigrants move into. There is a strong belief that immigration can increase the likelihood of drug trafficking, prostitution, violence and racism. Moreover, immigrants will often be exploited for their cheap labor, and therefore the host country will face a rise in employment rate with their citizens. This could create conflict between immigrants and the local society. However, moving to a different country with different culture and norms can be quite daunting. They will have to overcome many issues, such as loneliness, language barrier and earn enough to live in the host country. Immigrants, when made to feel welcome in the host society, can contribute to the diversity of that society, which can help with tolerance and understanding. Furthermore, for the host country’s economy, immigrants offer an increased talent pool, if they have been well educated in their original country. (Shah, 2008)


Immigration — global issues (2008) Available at: (Accessed: 20 November 2016).



One thought on “Immigration

  1. Well Done for this Blog post as you have focused on a two sided view. I also agree what you have said about Immigrants and how people can see them as daunting and can ‘take their jobs’, but if the British People do not want to do these jobs, someone has to do these jobs, often immigrants for cheap labour. However, the British people focus too much on immigration here. Approximately there are about 1.2 million British Born people just in the UK, and about 800,000 of these will be employed in these areas. This can show that globalization of people is popular, but ultimately it will make the world to be united more, integrating with people of different cultures will help people to understand others better. This was my opinion, what do you think about British people and their attitudes to just focusing on immigration within the UK?

    Green, L.A. (2016) The British in Europe – and vice versa. Available at: (Accessed: 6 December 2016).

    I would grade this as a 4: As it is well balanced, if possible, can you include examples?


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