There were many reasons for controversy and confusion over the EU Brexit vote, when deciding whether to leave or to remain. The main reason for the confusion over the vote was the misleading propaganda over immigration. There was also further evasive information given by the political party with regard to leaving the EU, as there was much dispute over the issue of the NHS. Many people voted to leave the EU due to the potential benefits that were promised to the NHS, however it is now evident that the government had never specified where the money saved from spending’s on the EU would be used.  Due to the recent enactment of Article 50 the current Prime Minister can overrule the decisions made by the House of Lords on any current issues on Brexit. However, this judgment is being disputed and taken to the Supreme Court of justice this December. If the appeal is lost then the government would have to create a form of new law, which would then be handed over to the House of Lords, who have the power to decide if the new legislation would be appropriate for the current changing times.



The aftermath of the Brexit vote – the verdict from a derided expert


5 thoughts on “Brexit

  1. I agree with your statement. There a lot of controversy at the time of when Brexit was taking place. My personal opinion is that Britain’s decision to vote out was possibly one of the worst decisions. Many consequences happened after it, such as David Cameron resigning and the pound’s value falling incredibly, then the Article 50 which is supposed to be implemented by March 2017. Not forgetting that the level of Islamophobic attacks rising after Brexit. The future is definitely uncertain for UK, and this uncertainty is not preferred in the current changing climates, especially how Donald Trump has recently been elected as President of the United States, which can affect all countries in terms of trading. Britain need to be able to cope with uncertainty of the future.


  2. Very good, I like it, one of the many reasons why the UK chose to leave the EU is actually due to the current migrant crisis in the EU, with less and less Britons wanting migrants to come to the UK, leaving the EU would be a quick stop to this immigration, however It is important to know that the House Of Lords cannot abolish laws, they can only amend them, and even after this it is up to the commons to decide wether they wish to full fill the amendments or not. Well Done!

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  3. A very well written blog with you focusing on current issues within our economy. I also like the way you discussed the negative impacts which may happen to our economy and went on to describe Article 50. I am still very unsure myself whether this was the correct decision for us to make, however leaving the EU was always going to leave us with uncertainty… Time will tell.


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