My old school

The passage from school to uni was very frightening but astounding at the same time. The last year of sixth form has been very helpful as it allowed me to get in contact with universities and sort my UCAS out. However, I don’t think that anything can help you that much. Determination and commitment are the only two things I think helped me being a more optimistic person towards my future years.

In my previous school I would normally get up at 6:30 and put uniform on. I would then eat cereals for breakfast at 7:15 and walk to my classroom at 8:00. Compare with the University I had more classes and less free time, for example I would have to participate to afternoon activities or play sport. After sport I would have lunch at 6pm and homework time from 19:30 to 21:00. Bed time was at 22:00 so I had only an hour free. I though that moving at university would have required self-independence and time managing, but not to such extent! At my previous school I was getting a lot of support from my teachers and we also had this thing called “learning support” where students with learning difficulties could get extra lessons with qualified teachers.

Now that I am an undergraduate student in University I can feel is so much different and complicated than I though! Although it has been hard, i would recommend this experience to everyone. I assume that is hard to adapt to this environment but is worth it, as it allows you to mature and become an adult.


One thought on “My old school

  1. A very brief blog about your transition from school to university. From what you described above, I feel as though I am exactly the same in terms of timing. It would be nice for you to go on and perhaps talk about how the education has changed for yourself. I mean for me, the differences is outstanding and has taught me to be independent, and especially with all the vitural learning we undertake (via moodle powerpoint slides) really took me by surprise, but I feel like I am slowly adapting to this.


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